As we are the company with social responsibilities, we are focussing always on energy conservation, renewable energy utilization, Green and Intelligent home products. We are actively developing the following products to serve the society across globe. In addition to that we are offering sophisticated products for Industrial automation and Home automation segments.

Scalable Industrial Control system

Product will provide completely configurable connectivity, classic user friendly GUI and real time control solution to your complex process environment / high performance SPM.

Intelligent Home Gateway Platform

Product which makes your house as a smart and safe home with innovative software and embedded technologies.

Electronic Energy Metering and Controlling System

Product which monitors the energy consumption pattern and helps to understand and avoid the wastage and saves your hard earned money.

LED Lighting

Consumes least energy, provides maintenance free pleasant light for decades to your sweet home and office and public places.

Solar Lighting

Help the society to effectively utilize the abundant solar energy and enlighten the dark nights.

Solar appliances

Get more from the abundant solar energy – AC / Heating / Fan where a frequent powercut is part of life.

Smart Irrigation System

Let the rural areas and farmers in India also enjoy the benefit of technological advancement - automate the irrigation and other agricultural activities and reduce their unnecessary burdens.

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