Product Development Services

We are offering a wide range of testing services for all products in the specific domains – Industrial automation, Process instrumentation and Automotive ECUs. In addition to that we are offering customized test bed development services for Linux Daemons, device drivers and various functional components in embedded products.

  Unit / Whitebox testing
Manual testing – using emulator and instrumented code
Rational Test RT based testing
Complete and Optimized test case development based on cyclomatic complexity
Code coverage, dead code detection and removal
  Product Verification and Validation
Complete verification and validation of products against the functional requirements.
Complete test case development
Normal, abuse and regression testing
Manual / Automatic testing based on requirements
  Daemon / Module level test bed development
This is complete test automation solution. As of today we are offering this service for Linux OS / simple scheduler based products. Will extend this service to other operating systems soon.

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