Embedded processors
PPC405, Intel i960, BCM1250, EP9302 (ARM9), LPC series - LPC2294
TMS470 (ARM 7), 68HC11, ST92F120, MSP430
Microchip PIC16xxx, PIC18xxx and MCS51 Series
  Compiler   Audio Standards
Green Hills Compiler for PPC405 and i960, ISO9660
TI Code composer studio for TMS470, TMS320, ID3, WMA Tag
Archimedes for 68HC11, MP3
Keil and SDCC for MCS51, LPC processors WMA
GNU tool chain for PPC405, ST92F120    
HTPIC for PIC Microcontroller   Design Methodologies
    Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  Debugger Structured Design
TI Code composer studio for TMS470    
TMS320, Nohau for 68HC11   Tools
ST9 Tool Chain for ST92F120 Software Design Rational Rose, Visio
GDB for Linux Configuration management Tool Rational Clearcase, PVCS,
ICD for Microchip microcontroller Defect Tracking Rational Clearquest, TeamTrack
    Sourcecode Analysis QAC, PC Lint
  In Circuit Emulator Crash dump analysis GDB, proprietary dump analyzer
TI ICE for TMS470 EDA OrCad (Schematic, Layout design)
Corelis JTAG for BCM1250 Simulation / Code Generation Matlab, Rhapsody
Spectrum Digital JTAG for TMS320, TMS470 Unit testing tool Rational Test RT
ST9 ICE for ST92F120    
Nohau ICE 68HC11KS2   Programming Languages
EPROM Emulator for MCS51 Generic Assembly programming
  Generic Testing Tools C++
Logic Analyzer    
Oscilloscopes   Protocols
Netway, Canalyzer for CAN IPv6
Tracii XL for IIC, Fiber channel
Audio Precision for Audio Processor testing I2C
Other generic lab test equipments like Function generator SPI
  RTOS Micro wire
VxWorks CAN
Linux and uCLinux J1939
uCoS-II   Software Process model
Proprietary Kernel for Audio and Storage products SEI CMM L4

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