Given below is the list of Domains in which we are offering embedded system product development and testing services. For any other areas or domains required by the prospective OEMs, feel free to contact us directly.

Infotainment – Car radio and CD MP3 / WMA / AAC compressed audio player
Instrument Cluster
Body controller for commercial vehicles
Engine Management Systems
Telematics – GSM and GPS based Fleet management system
Customized diagnostics tool development
  Instrumentation and Industrial Automation
Complete metering, process monitoring solution
Various Sensor interface and control system development
Customized Display terminal for various process monitoring
Various wired and wireless control systems
Control System and GUI development for Special purpose machineries
  Wireless Communication
Bluetooth stack customization and Profile development
GSM, GPS based control and monitoring systems
Zigbee based sensor and monitoring network development
  Storage Area Networking
Platform software feature development and enhancement
Hardware abstraction layer enhancements and optimization
BMC development and testing

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