Architectural Service
Smartswitch product architecture for Commercial vehicle
Fleet Management system for commercial vehicles - GPS, GSM
GMLAN gateway for passenger car
Re-architecturing Compressed audio decoder for Car Radio
  Re-engineering / Reverse Engineering
Ported the driver and application firmware to support new CD mechanism and fix the task scheduling problem – 68HC11KS2 based Car Radio
Driver and application firmware porting from 68HC11 to ST92F120 processor to enhance the product performance and reduce overall product cost.
Cryogenic temperature control system – Replicated the functionality of the PCI add-on card based control system card to a standalone dual MCS51 processor based product which helped the customer to achive better cost performance and serviceability.
IBOC module interface with Car radio – Documented the complete interaction sequence between the Radio, DSP and the IBOC, which helped a lot in improving the performance of the overall entertainment system.
  Module Development
Developed so many reusable device driver and application module for various chips and subsystems for various processor platforms.
Ramping up the team's technical capability in developing customized driver development for embedded Linux platforms.
  Device drivers:
Pioneer S10 single CD mechanism
I2C (bit banging) for 68HC11KS2
UART and SPI driver for TMS470
OKI ML9228 Display / keypad driver chip
PCF8535 graphical LCD driver chip
ADC - AD574, ICL7135, ICL7109 and ADC0804
Display driver - 8279, MAX7219 and General display multiplexing techniques.
Matrix Keypad driver for various driver chips and direct interface
Single, 2 and 4 line character LCD modules
UART (Normal and Master slave mode), Micro wire (bit banging) serial buses
Serial EEPROM - AT93C46
Real time Clock - Dallas Semiconductor DS1287
EPSON FX80 compatible printer interface
  Feature development
Complete debouncing algorithm implementation for SFP's smart parameters in SAN switches
IPv6 stack bring up and associated build script changes for VxWorks RTOS
Complete MP3, WMA Tag parser module development for Car Radio
Restructured the MP3 decoder interface mechanism and responsiveness by doing a complete architectural analysis and associated subsystem which improved the overall audio listening experience
  Complete product development
  Partial list of products that we developed (Complete hardware, component selection & software development) so far is enlisted below:
Controller and indicators for Pressure (strain gauge based pressure sensor), displacement (LVDT), load and temperature
(RTD, thermocouple) measurement systems
Cryogenic temperature control system with data acquisition using multiple processors.
Intelligent timer capable of retaining the set point and actual value without battery backup
Dual channel Bar graph indicator with configurable dual control / set points logic
Multi point linearization system with configurable input and output parameters
Data acquisition system and intelligent process plotter
Conveyor speed controller and Frequency measurement system
UPS power meter to measure, display and alarm of the Input / Output and battery parameters (Voltage, Current, Power and Frequency)
Battery Charger with short circuit protection
Square root extractor with 4-20mA current output
GSM module based industrial automation and home system
Mobile phone theft identification system even before major phone vendors deployed the concept

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